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Revd John Wylam, The Vicarage, Chollerton

St Christopher Gunnerton Church was designed by John C. Hawes. Gunnerton Church Stained Glass window The "British Architect" of 15th March 1901 describes Gunnerton Church as a "more than usually interesting village church". It is in the English traditional style, and it has hardly been altered. It is of special architectural and historical interest .

In February 1898 Hawes had started work on the model of an imaginary church: it was placed on display in the foyer of the Royal Academy in London, and it was judged to be of "outstanding quality.

The publicity was to bring him his first commission - a new church at Gunnerton for the then vicar of Chollerton, Bishop Hornby, who was to become Bishop of Nassau. Hawes commented in 1948 that "my village church is as good as I ever did".


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St Christophers Church (frmr) Church
- Gunnerton - England

St Christophers (frmr) Church
- Gunnerton Northumberland UK - LatLng(55.06896,-2.15085)