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Monsignor John Hawes
Western Australian Buildings

As you listen via the online tracks imagine you are passing through the diverse landscaped of Western Australia. This tour covers the state from the stunning beaches of Geraldton to the edge of the outback and all of the diversity in between. Then when you have finished enjoying the tracks come and see it in real life.

Monsignor Hawes Heritage Incorporated is pleased to make the Audio Tour tracks available online. You can also purchase a tour package CD which includes a map and time line history from visitor centres in the region. CD’s will also be available to purchase directly from this page soon.


MHHI would like to thank project funding partners; The Mid West Development Commission and The City of Geraldton-Greenough. We would also like to acknowledge the organisations financial supporters the Shires of Yalgoo, Perenjori, Morawa and Mullewa as well as Bishop Justin Bianchini, Roman Catholic Bishop of Geraldton. Gratitude also goes to SHP - Sue Hodges Productions for their amazing work on the audio and Smith and Brown Designs for the packaging designs.

Audio tours were developed for the building that can be visited and the ability to hear each audio tour is included on the page for those buildings directly below the main photograph at the top of the buildings page.

Hyperlinks to the audio tours on individual buildings can be found on “The Buildings” page for 12 of the buildings. Link is on the left side below the horizontal navigation bar.

You can listen to the audio which are not linked to a particular buildings for
“The Beginnings”, “Endings” and “Epilogue” by clicking the links below.   

Monsignor Hawes an Audio Tour

The audio tour will take you on a journey to the buildings John Hawes created and tell you the fascinating story of his life and work.

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